We aim to continuously improve our offer, therefore on 6th of June we are launching a new subscription model IONITY PASSPORT to our customers. 

When will the new IONITY PASSPORT be available?

Customers can subscribe to the new IONITY PASSPORT from 6th of June in the IONITY App.

How much does the new IONITY PASSPORT cost?

The new subscription model IONITY PASSPORT offers more flexibility and stable prices:

- Fixed discount of 0.20 Euro/kWh (or the equivalent amount in local currency) on the regular IONITY DIRECT price for ad-hoc charging (formerly fixed price of 0.35 Euro/kWh).*

- Low monthly fee of 11,99 Euro (formerly 17,99 Euro)

- Can be terminated at any time with a monthly notice period (formerly minimum contract period of 12 months).

For more detailed information, please see our website: https://ionity.eu/en/network/access-and-payment

*The discount does not apply for the ad-hoc price for multicharger.

What are the conditions of the new IONITY PASSPORT?

The PASSPORT is valid in 24 European countries, there is no minimum contract period (previously 12 months) and the subscription can be terminated at any time with a notice period of one month.

For more detailed information, please see our website: https://ionity.eu/en/network/access-and-payment

How exactly will the subscription fee be collected? When will I be invoiced for the costs of charging sessions?

Charging sessions via IONITY PASSPORT are always invoiced after each session. The invoice will be issued typically within 24 hours after the charging session. The monthly fee is always invoiced pro rata on the 1st of the next month.

This means that if the customer starts the IONITY PASSPORT subscription on May 5, all charging transactions from that date will be invoiced at the discounted rate. The first monthly fee will be invoiced on June 1 on a pro-rated basis. (11,99€ divided by the total number of days in the month, times the days PASSPORT was active (11,99/31days = 0,387; 26*0,387 = 10,06€). The same applies in case of cancellation.

Why there is no longer a fixed price/kWh in the subscription model, but only a discount on the ad-hoc price?

By offering a fixed discount of 0.20€ (or the equivalent amount in local currency) on the IONITY DIRECT tariff, IONITY provides customers in all 24 European countries with a comparable price advantage.

If I want to cancel my subscription, what should I do?

If you want to no longer subscribe to IONITY PASSPORT, you can discontinue the subscription anytime in the app – it will be active for one more month afterwards. There is no minimum contract period.

If I have the old IONITY PASSPORT, will it still work?

You can find the information on our website: Information for customers with "old" IONITY PASSPORT subscription

Can I charge my car without having IONITY PASSPORT 

Even without the IONITY PASSPORT you can easily pay at the charging point with the smartphone - by using the IONITY APP or by scanning a QR Code on the charger. 

For additional information regarding payment options, please see our website: https://ionity.eu/en/network/access-and-payment 

How much do I have to pay for charging without the IONITY PASSPORT? 

Depending on where you charge your vehicle, our direct tariff is based on consumption per kilowatt hour (kWh) or per minute (min), therefore the price may vary in different countries. More details can be found on our website: https://ionity.eu/en/network/access-and-payment