How can I pay?

At IONITY paying is just as hassle-free as charging. Here are your options:


    You can charge and pay within the IONITY network via a contract with a mobility service provider (MSP). As a customer of these providers, you gain access to charging networks for electric vehicles which include but are not limited to IONITY. Typically, you are offered contactless payment options via RFID cards or tokens as well as with smartphone apps.

    You can check the compatibility with your Mobility Service Provider (MSP) – most of them have information about charging networks on their website. Make sure their charging service and your tariff include access to the IONITY high-power charging network.


    Simply plug the cable of the charging station into your car and charge – this is possible with the new Plug & Charge technology. Car manufacturers gradually provide it in the vehicles. IONITY already offers Plug & Charge to simplify charging and provide a secure and seamless charging experience. Please check with your manufacturer whether the manufacturer has equipped your car with Plug & Charge. 

  • IONITY DIRECT via smartphone

    If you rarely travel long distances or want to use our charging stations only occasionally, IONITY DIRECT is the right choice for you: without registration or advance planning, this standard rate enables spontaneous charging and payment via our smartphone app. 

    If you want to pay for the charge via the IONITY app, make sure you download it before you leave and fill in your payment details in advance. This will save you time when you‘re at the station. You can also use the app as a back-up if your RFID or charging card shouldn’t work. The IONITY app also lets you see in real-time how many chargers are available at all IONITY stations.

    Google Play Store:

    Apple App Store:


    If you prefer not to download our app, you can still use our chargers by scanning the QR code which is available on every single charger. Follow these steps to start a charge:

    1. Scan the QR code of the charger with your smartphone
    2. Open the website which is displayed ( )
    3. Tap “start charging”
    4. Accept the terms of use and select your payment method

    After your payment is confirmed, you can insert the charging cable in your car and the charging session will start.

  • NFC

    At selected IONITY stations there are NFC payment terminals installed for direct ad-hoc payment with a credit/debit card. Please find more information here: Can I use my banking card at IONITY stations? (NFC Payment) - IONITY Support - Portal