How can I charge via the IONITY mobile app: step-by-step

Please don't connect the charger with you car at this stage. Complete the payment in the IONITY app first, then connect the charger. This is important in order to prevent a time-out and a failed charging attempt.

1. Open the IONITY app on your mobile phone and select the charging station from the map, where you are standing. If you allowed the app to use your location, the correct charging station will show up, indicated by the IONITY symbol (red kite). You can also use the QR code reader by clicking on the symbol in the right bottom corner of the map. You will find the QR code on each of our chargers, close to the display. Simply scan the QR code on the charger and the corresponding charger will be loaded in the smartphone app. You can skip the next two steps below and go to step 4 directly. Alternatively, you can search for a station by entering the location in the search field just under the map and select the correct station from the list.

2. Click on “Select charger” and, if required, confirm by pressing “Continue” if you are ready to charge.   

3. Select the charger in the app, at which your car is parked. Please make sure the number displayed on the charger (near the display) and in the app match. For example: you park at charger 3 -> select charger 3 in the app.
Occasionally the charger can show as occupied in the app despite available and free to use. It is caused by a slight delay in the status update between the charger and the app. In such case, you can still choose the said charger regardless and proceed with the process.

4. If you want to proceed with the charging session, press “Start charging”. Here you will also see the price. 

5. Select one of your saved payment methods or enter a new payment method. If you have Google Pay or Apple Pay enabled on your phone, you can use these payment methods as well.

6. Confirm pre-authorisation (40 EUR, 40 GBP or similar in other currencies) 

7. Connect the charger with your car. Make sure the plug sits firmly and wait for message in the app: “Charger Connected”.

8. Stop charge: swipe right at the bottom of your phone’s screen to stop. Wait for message: Your receipt. Alternatively, you can also stop the charge on the charger’s display or via your car.

9. A receipt will be sent to your registered email address on the following working day and you can look at old charging sessions in the app, under “Charge History”.