How do I unlock the plug?

The plug is locked when the charging process is initiated and it remains locked during charging. This is for security reasons and it cannot be disconnected during charging. The connector is automatically released when the charging is stopped or finished.

Please note, the car controls the locking and unlocking of the connector. This is not done by the charger.

Here are some recommended trouble-shooting steps to consider:

  • In some cases, it might take a few minutes after finishing the charge until the connector is unlocked. Please be patient.
  • If the plug cannot be released, please check if the plug is under tension and the cable too tight. This might prevent the connector from being released.
  • Check if there are vehicle specific instructions on how to release the connector. Please follow the manufacturer's instructions for unlocking the connector, for example pressing the unlock button on the remote control of your car multiple times etc.
  • If all measures fail, please contact the IONITY Hotline. You can find the local customer service phone number displayed at the charging station or here: Our national hotline phone numbers