Start with RFID / charging card at IONITY stations:

  1. Select charging point.
  2. Hold your RFID / charging card in front of the reader. On some of our chargers you need to select "start" on the touchscreen of the charger first, before you can scan your card. 
  3. Connect the charging plug with your car's charging port. Please make sure the plug sits correctly and hold it firmly for 10-20 seconds, until it's locked. Once you hear the charger powering up and the screen showing the active charging session, you can release it. 
  4. After successful authentification the connector will get locked and after a few seconds, charging will start automatically. 
  5. Time indication is given by vehicle, depending on vehicle type.
  6. After finished charging, unplug connector from your car

If your charging card or RFID card is not accepted or not working, you can start a charge via the IONITY App / Website or QR code displayed on the charger. You can find more information on how to do this under:

  1. How can I start the charging process via IONITY App / Website?
  2. How can I start the charging process via QR code?