Charging speed too slow?

The car determines the speed at which it can be charged most of the time.

There are different reasons that can lead to an extended charging time.

1. The temperature of the battery is too high or too low for high power charging

  • The outside temperature is very high or very low.
  • You were driving fast before arriving at our site. This will also heat up the battery.
  • You have only driven for a short period of time before coming to our site and the battery hasn't reached its ideal temperature for charging.
  • Some cars precondition the battery if the user select a charger as target in the navigation system

2. Charging speed dependent on battery's  state of charge (SOC) level

  • Typically, batteries can reach the maximum charging speed for a limited period of time during the charging session. Generally, the fuller the battery gets, the less charging power it can take from the station. This is the so-called charging curve, which varies from car to car. For the expected charging-curve / charging behavior of your car, please refer to your manufacturer. See below chart for some sample charging curves:
  • Each electric vehicle has a maximum charging speed, which may be significantly lower than the maximum charging speed of the charging station. For example, if the maximum charging speed of your car is 100 kW, you will not be able to go beyond this charging speed, even if the charging station can deliver 350 kW. Please check the maximum charging speed of your vehicle with the manufacturer.