In order to offer a smooth payment process, we need to make a pre-authorisation/reservation on your card, to verify that the card is working and that sufficient funds are available to cover the payment. 

How does it work?

  1. Before the charging session, we reserve 1 EUR on your card (or a similar amount in any of the selected currencies for payment: 1 CHF, 1 GBP, 8 DKK, 10 NOK, 10 SEK, 5 PLN, 350 HUF, 25 CZK). 
  2. After you successfully charged your car and the total amount of your charging session is known, we will adjust the reservation to match the final amount of your charging session.
  3. Over night, IONITY will complete the billing process, which initiates the final booking on your bank card
  4. Invoice will be issued and sent to the email address provided by our
  5. The cancellation of the reservations can take up to four weeks. This is linked to your bank's processes. 

Have I been double-charged?

Please note, the reservations and the final booking may appear on your card statement as separate line items, however, they have not been booked twice. They are only marked as reservations and final booking, whereby the reservations will be cancelled and the final booking will be charged to your card.

If you tried to initiate multiple charging sessions, you may see multiple reservations of 1 EUR on your card statement.