NOTE: Please don't connect the charger with you car at this stage. Complete the payment first, then connect the charger.

  1. Please, scan the QR code at the charger with your mobile phone. You can find the QR code near the charger's display, for example as shown in the below picture. With an iPhone this is possible with the standard camera. For other mobile phones you may require a separate app (QR scanner).

    Alternatively you can open the IONITY Payment Website and select the charger manually: 

  2. If the QR code has been successfully scanned, the respective charging point will be shown on the IONITY Payment Website:  
  3. Follow the steps to start a charge
  4. Follow the steps to complete the payment process
  5. You might need to authorise the payment. This is in line with EU regulations (PSD2) to make electronic payments safer. The method used is dependent on your bank.
  6. Pre-authorisation amount will be reserved on your credit card (1 EUR or 1 GBP or similar amount in other currencies) 

  7. Plug in the connector into the car.