• Please download and install the IONITY app from the App Store (iPhone) or the Google PlayStore (Android phone). 
  • When you open the app for the first time, you will need to create a new user account.
  • Please follow these steps to set up an app user account: 
  1. Please open the IONITY App. Look for the IONITY app icon on your phone:
  2. On the "Sign In" screen, please select "New to IONITY? Sign up" at the bottom of the screen.

  3. On the "Create new account" screen, please complete the registration process
    → Add your email address
    → Confirm your email address by clicking on the verification link in the email sent to you from no-reply@ionity.eu. Alternatively, enter the verification code manually in the app - you will find the 6-digit code in the verification email. 
    → Add other details - depending on the country of your residence, adding address is optional
    → Complete registration process