New IONITY PASSPORT tariffs MOTION and POWER from 28th May 2024

What is changing on 28th May for IONITY app customers and IONITY PASSPORT users?

On 28th May 2024 new tariff structure with new prices will be launched for IONITY DIRECT customers (payment via IONITY app and IONITY payment website) and also two new PASSPORT subscription tariffs will be available:

  • IONITY PASSPORT MOTION for drivers who mostly take short to medium journeys but sometimes drive further
  • IONITY PASSPORT POWER for frequent travellers who charge often

Old IONITY PASSPORT (2023) will remain active with the discount of 20 cents (or similar amount in other currencies) on the new IONITY DIRECT prices.

Customers with Old IONITY PASSPORT (2023) can switch anytime to the new tariffs and take advantage of the discounted first month.

  • What is the difference between IONITY PASSPORT MOTION and IONITY PASSPORT POWER tariffs?

    IONITY PASSPORT MOTION for drivers who charge with IONITY occasionally:

    • Monthly fee of 5.99 €* (first month 3.99 €* only for new customers and existing customers, if they choose to switch to the new tariff) and discounted kWh price, for details check our website here: PASSPORT – Home (

    IONITY PASSPORT POWER for frequent travellers who charge often:

    •  Monthly fee of 11.99 €* (first month 7.99 €* only for new customers and existing customers, if they choose to switch to the new tariff) and heavily discounted kWh price (higher discount than IONITY PASSPORT MOTION), for details check our website here: PASSPORT – Home (

    * The monthly base price depends on your place of residence based on the corresponding national currency.

  • What are the conditions of the new PASSPORT tariffs?

    The PASSPORT is valid in 23 European countries. 

    IONITY and the User may terminate the IONITY PASSPORT contract at any time with effect from the next Billing Date. Until the next Billing Date (the day of paid activation of the respective IONITY PASSPORT (“Billing Date”), the IONITY PASSPORT contract shall remain in effect, allowing the User to continue using the terminated IONITY PASSPORT contract until then.

    For more detailed information, please see our website:

  • Can I switch between the tariffs PASSPORT MOTION and PASSPORT POWER? How can I do that?

    You can upgrade to the IONITY PASSPORT POWER tariff anytime within the app. Just go to the associated section and select your desired new tariff. The User will receive an order confirmation both in the IONITY app and to the email address registered in the user account. The switch to the IONITY PASSPORT POWER will be implemented immediately and displayed to the User in the app, so you can directly benefit from the new and better conditions.

    You can also downgrade from IONITY PASSPORT POWER to the IONITY PASSPORT MOTION tariff within the app. The corresponding switch will be noted in the IONITY app but will only take effect from the next billing date.

  • How exactly will the subscription fee be collected? When will I be invoiced for the costs of charging sessions?

    The subscription fee will be collected and invoiced on a monthly basis, starting with the day you subscribe and then every month the same date, your billing date. For example: If you subscribe on 02.06.2024, you will be charged and invoiced on the same day. The next month you will be charged and invoiced on the 02.07.2024.

  • I have already got a PASSPORT (2023) subscription, will it still work?

    Yes, all existing old PASSPORT (2023) subscriptions will remain active, but we recommend to switch to the new IONITY PASSPORT MOTION or IONITY PASSPORT POWER to benefit from even better prices.

  • How can I move from my old PASSPORT (2023) to PASSPORT MOTION or POWER? Do I need to cancel my existing PASSPORT (2023) subscription and get a new one?

    Your old PASSPORT (2023) subscription will remain active, however, if you would like to benefit from the new more attractive tariffs, you can switch anytime to IONITY PASSPORT MOTION or IONITY PASSPORT POWER within your app. The activation of your new PASSPORT MOTION or POWER will be effective on the following date:

    For example:

    • You switched to a new tariff PASSPORT MOTION or POWER on 5 June 2024. 
    • The start date of your old PASSPORT subscription was: 20 February 2024. You can look up this date in the app under IONITY PASSPORT.
    • Your new PASSPORT MOTION or POWER will start on 20 June 2024. 

    Please be aware that until the new PASSPORT tariff is applied and active on your account, you will continue to enjoy the benefits of your current PASSPORT subscription under its original terms. 

    After subscribing to the new tariff, your app might be showing you status "Pending downgrade" - please kindly ignore this message as it is a bug, we are actively working on resolving it. Thank you for your understanding. 

  • Where can I find the price of the new PASSPORT tariffs for my country?

    You can find the price on the IONITY Website PASSPORT – Home ( or in the IONITY App.

  • If I want to cancel my subscription, what should I do?

    If you want to no longer subscribe to IONITY PASSPORT, you can discontinue the subscription anytime in the app - it will remain active until the next billing date, which will be displayed in your user account. Billing date: The Basic Fee will be invoiced monthly on the day of activation of the PASSPORT tariff.

  • Can I charge my car without having IONITY PASSPORT?

    Yes, you can charge your car also with our IONITY DIRECT tariff without having a subscription. But our IONITY PASSPORT MOTION pays already off after the first charging session.**
    **with an average charging session of 30 kWh

  • How much do I have to pay for charging without the IONITY PASSPORT?

    Here OUR TARIFFS - Home ( ) you can find an overview of our current pricing within the IONITY DIRECT (no subscription).