In order to offer a smooth payment process, we need to make a pre-authorisation/reservation on your credit card / PayPal account, to verify that the card is working and that sufficient funds are available to cover the payment.

What does it mean?

Temporarily we reserve 80 EUR (or a similar amount in any of the selected currencies for payment: 85 CHF, 67 GBP, 600 DKK, 800 NOK, 850 SEK, 340 PLN, 27000 HUF, 2000 CZK, 600 HRK). 

Your bank may inform you of this by a mobile push message, email or it may show up on your bank statement as a "pending transaction". This may vary from bank to bank.

Please note: the temporary reservation does not amount to a charge on your card / PayPal account and is only held for a certain period of time (for example 7 days). However, the duration of this may vary considerably from bank to bank. Unfortunately, IONITY has no influence on this and is unable to speed up the cancellation of the pre-authorisation amount. 

The actual payment or booking of your credit card / PayPal account will only take place once you have successfully completed charging your car. The actual purchase amount will then be charged to your credit card / PayPal account and the pre-authorisation released. If you entered your email address, you will automatically receive an invoice.