If you start your first charging process at an IONITY charging station via the QR Code or the IONITY App or website https://payment.ionity.eu, you will be taken automatically to the registration site.

You can also do this before you start your journey to avoid delays later on the way. This can also be done on your PC at home using the same Internet address.

  1. Go to the IONITY App / Website https://payment.ionity.eu and click on <CUSTOMER REGISTRATION>

  2. Enter your personal data and read and accept the terms and conditions. To change from Mr to Mrs or Company, or to change the country, please click on the yellow text. A drop-down menu allows to change this entry. Click on the yellow bar at the bottom with the text <REGISTER NOW> to complete the registration.

  3. After successful registration another window opens with <REGISTRATION SUCCESSFULLY>. Your access data with user name (e-mail) and password will be automatically sent to you by e-mail.

  4. Login to your personal account. You will now find several menu items on the left.

  5. To create your payment methods, please click on the menu item <PAYMENT METHOD>, another page will open showing the payment methods you have created.
  6. If you have not yet created a payment method, please click on the orange button displaying <NEW PAYMENT METHOD> at the bottom of the page.

  7. Select your payment method and enter the data requested there.

  8. Depending on the payment method, you may be directed to another page for a security check of your bank. Enter your data here and confirm your entry.
  9. After successful registration of your payment method, it is stored in your account and can be used for charging processes via direct payment.